Issuance of DL Clearance Document

Dear Pensioners,

This Pertains to the Issuance of DL Clearance Document, please inform all the retiring PNP Personnel within your jurisdiction that DL Clearance Document application must be coursed through their designed NSAOs/RASOs/PSAOs/Logistics Officers/RSPNCOs using the PNP LDIMS. Application for the issuance of DL Clearance Document not applied through the PNP LDIMS shall no longer be accepted/ processed by this Directorate effective October 5, 2020.

Further, uploaded DL Clearance Document from this Directorate shall be issued and released to the retiring PNP Personnel through the concerned PNP offices/ units from NHQ down to MPS using the PNP LDIMS.

In addition, this Directorate shall notify the retiring PNP personnel, through Short Message Service (SMS), that the DL Document has been uploaded in the PNP LDIMS and can be claimed from his/her last office/unit assignment.

Reference: PNP Memorandum no. 2020-036 dated June 4, 2020 entitled “Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of the PNP Logistics Data Information and Management System (LDIMS).”