Magandang Araw po, para sa kaalaman ng lahat, ito po ang mga Requirements for Commutation of  Accumulated Leave (2 copies each 1 original, 1 photocopy, Folder with Tabbings):

  1. Retirement Order
  2. Updated Service Record
  3. Commutation Order
  4. Breakdown of Leave Credits
  5. Latest Promotion Order (For NUP: Salary Adjustment)
  6. Non-money/ Property Clearance
  7. Certificate of Last Payment
  8. SALN
  9. DC Clearance
10. DL Clearance
11. Authorization (Affidavit) to Deduct all Financial Obligation
12. UPDATE FORM/ STI1/ ATM Account number
13. Contact number (Cellphone number)
14. 2×2 Picture with Nametag
15. Additional Form- Retirees beneficiary/ies (please Fill Up) Duly Notarized)
Additional Requirements for Deceased PNP Personnel
  1. Decree of Entitlement
  2. Certificate of Legal beneficiaries
  3. Death Certificate (From PSA with OR from LCR if not yet more than 6 months)
  4. Marriage Contract (From PSA with OR)
  5. Marriage Contract of Parents (From PSA with OR, if Single)
  6. Advisory on Marriage (husband/ wife, from PSA with OR)
  7. Birth Certificate of all children (from PSA with OR)
  8. Birth Certificate (Husband/ wife, from PSA with OR)
  9. Certificate of no Marriage (CENOMAR, if SINGLE)
10. 2×2 Latest ID Picture of PNP Personnel